Handy tips to help make wearing a face mask easier

From fogging glasses to environmental impact – we’ve got the tips you need to make wearing face masks a little easier.

Glasses fogging up?

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge when wearing face masks is keeping the dreaded fog at bay. As glasses wearers already know, walking in and out of a cold room on a hot day is bad enough, let alone when combined with the foggy condensation of your own breath. Here are some tips to reduce the chance of fogging occurring.

  1. Wash the lenses in soap and water, dishwashing liquid or hand soap both work well.
  2. Apply a thin layer of shaving cream to the inside of your glasses, then gently wipe it off.
  3. Use a de-misting or anti-fog spray, often available at optometrists and chemists,  that dries clear.
  4. Ensure your mask is well fitted and mould the top of your mask around your nose to close any gaps.
  5. If you are struggling to close gaps along your nose, use surgical tape to stick the mask down and prevent the warm moist air from releasing behind your glasses.

Ears hurting?

For some people, having the strap of the face masks behind the ears can cause some pain. Thankfully, there are a few solutions!

  1. Purchase a face mask that ties to the back of your head, rather than having ear loops.
  2. Purchase a fabric ear guard. These use buttons to secure the mask to the back of your head, rather than your ears.
  3. Use a bobby pin to hold the mask to your hair instead of your ears.

If you’re feeling a bit crafty, here’s a selection of solutions that you can make to save your ears.

Skin breaking out?

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the creation of words that were unheard of 18 months ago, and one of these words is maskne: the skin blemishes and issues that arise from wearing a mask all day. Try these tips to reduce, or prevent, skin irritations due to face masks.

  1. Wash your face before and after wearing a mask.
  2. Moisturise your skin, especially in the areas prone to irritation.
  3. Avoid wearing heavy makeup under your mask.
  4. Change your masks regularly and wash fabric masks after each use.

Worried about the environment?

There’s no doubt, single-use face masks are increasingly appearing in our waterways and doing damage to the environment. Here are some tips to reduce your impact on our environment.

  1. Cut the ear ties on the mask before disposing of them to ensure it doesn’t cause damage to wildlife.
  2. Always place your face mask in an appropriate and secure rubbish bin.
  3. You can make your own fabric face mask using this pattern from the Australian Government.
  4. Make life easier for yourself by purchasing a reusable face mask from one of our lovely stallholders. At the Saturday Fresh Market, Dom N Design and Designs by Sparrow are always on hand for your fabric mask needs, while at the Sunday Discovery Market you can find masks at Richard’s Woodworking and Eco Loom.